By Mahesh Rajpoot
Asian Adventures - India
December 10, 2023

Fernando Enrique X 02 embarked on a birding odyssey on December 10, 2023, exploring the rich avian tapestry of Sultanpur National Park under the expert guidance of Mahesh. The day unfolded with a symphony of winged wonders, making it a memorable experience for any bird enthusiast.

The journey began with the melodious notes of Brook's leaf warbler echoing through the air, accompanied by the vibrant hues of Sind sparrow and the playful antics of the Small minivet. The avian diversity further revealed itself with sightings of the elusive Lesser whitethroat, the majestic Bonelli's eagle, and the stealthy Booted eagle.

As the group meandered through the park, the Greater spotted eagle soared overhead, while the Oriental honey buzzard added a touch of mystery to the skies. The water bodies came alive with the graceful presence of the Tufted duck, Eurasian wigeon, and the striking Eurasian spoonbill.

Sultanpur National Park

The landscape resonated with the calls of Yellow-bellied Prinia, Red avadavat, and the mesmerizing Bluethroat. The Indian bush lark and Hume's warbler contributed to the avian symphony, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss.

Notable sightings included the regal Ferruginous pochard, the elegant Grey-headed swamphen, and the charismatic Bay-backed shrike. The day was adorned with the gentle cooing of the Red-collared dove and the swift maneuvers of the Grey-throated martin and little swift.

The journey concluded with encounters with the charming Indian silverbill, the lively Blyth's pipit, and the rhythmic calls of the Paddyfield pipit. The Scaly-breasted munia and the watchful eyes of the Spotted owlet added the final touches to a day filled with avian marvels.

Sultanpur National Park Birding

Join us in reliving this birding extravaganza through Fernando's lens and experience the enchantment of Sultanpur National Park's diverse birdlife.