During our Rajasthan tour we were exceptionally well looked after by our Driver and Guide Joginder Yadav. He showed himself to be a safe and reliable driver with ease. Joginder made sure we had water, snacks & drinks for every journey and made regular comfort stops at suitable places. He pointed out interested places along the route and was excellent at spotting birdlife. He also makes sure we met local guides on time. He always kept the vehicles clean and tidy. He always understand our questions & comments and communicated well despite English being his second language. We would highly recommend him as a driver and supportive companion.


We also got a nice Birding trip from Bharatpur to Uttarakhand with (Sattal, Pangot and Corbett), with your driver and (bird) guide Joginder. Excellent Birding tour It was really nice to do this trip, also together him. We really enjoyed it! Joginder showed us again some special birds like Jungle Owlet, Spotted Forktail and so on.

Gijs Kurstiers & Nina Boemars

It was my first trip to India in 2016. And being a nature lover, I was really skeptical about it, though the friend who had recommended it to me was quite confident that I will come back with memories of a lifetime, He was right. Asian Adventures are not just travel specialists, they are nature conservationists whose each representative, guide has been carefully hand-picked. And so are the lodges where they made us stay. I captured more than 300 species of birds in my camera. No words enough to describe the planning of the tour, the experience, the hospitality - I would love to come back soon, for another Birding adventure - this time to a different location in India.

John Bayern

East India and its birds were always on my cards since I was a teenager. But I only got a change to check it off my bucket list last year in 2017. I am 40 now. And I must say Asian Adventures are experience travel specialists as well as the staff is an avid birder, which helps make the tour an incomparable package. This 15 day tour was very well planned and executed. I have learnt that they conduct some 30 birding tours across India. And I would love to take up another trip soon, this time with family.

Antonio Roza Stephano

Very satisfied with overall experience. Very good mix between Nameri, Mandala, Eaglenest and Kaziranga. I could easily have doubled my time spent there. As frustrating as it was sometimes not to get good looks for photography, many birds and other wildlife were seen. Of course, due to the very high number of existing species even more were not seen. That?s why I am thinking about a second trip to North East. All in all it was a very good and enjoyable trip which I will sure never forget. I had thought that I had seen maybe 50 new birds (?lifers?) and when I sat down yesterday evening and reviewed my list I realized the actual number was 145! Kaziranga also is a park that in regard to wildlife sightings far exceeded the other parks I have visited in India so far. I will certainly try to go back to the Northeast before I leave in India in 2018 to repeat and re-live this experience! Many thanks to your hard-working staff in the Northeast and all the good and efficient logistical preparations!

Thierfelder, Frank

A lovely Plan to visit we saw many species of birds including the Brown Hawk owl in the evening and Stork billed king fisher in the morning wonderdful!

Paul Willoughby

The whole trip went very smoothly and we have no complaints in any respect. All connections were made with great efficiency. Our guide, Lobsang was absolutely brilliant and was very skillful in finding and identifying the birds both on sight and on-call. He looked after us very well and really, we could not have had a more pleasant or helpful guide. Our driver was also was very helpful and kind. We have no complaints about the accommodation and the food was very good in all respects (we like Indian food very much). We saw a total of 318 species of birds and 146 were lifers (birds not seen before) for me. My target for the trip was 120 so we exceeded that by a long way. We were unable to find Temminck's Tragopan or White-winged Duck but this was more than compensated by seeing such wonderful birds as Beautiful Nuthatch, Bugun Liocichla (an extremely rare bird) and all species of Wren Babblers were fantastic. Our visits to Kaziranga were superb, getting very close views of One-Horned Rhino and other mammals although again we did not see a tiger! Eagles Nest was a location that we greatly anticipated having read a lot about it and it fully exceeded our expectations. We have all made many birding trips to different countries and we all agreed that this was the best trip that any of us had undertaken. We wish to say a big thank you to all

Ralph Jones, Heather Jones and Eugene McCann

We are all well and safe back home after a wonderful trip to Western India. We recorded 257 bird species and numerous mammals including Wild Ass, Asiatic Lion and Striped Hyena. Altogether it surely was one of my best Indian trips ! The success is for a great deal thanks to Deepak who is undeniably the best guide that you have provided in four trips ! His friendliness and excellent communication instinct, good sense of humor, willingness to help, stable temper and very good knowledge of the sites and wildlife surely contributed to the trip being such a gorgeous treat ! I will definitely require to have Deepak again for another trip to India. I will write again soon about this matter. Thank you very much. Let's keep in touch about future trips !

Hugues Dufourny

On this 3 nights trip in 2017, Asian Adventures gave me a chance to indulge in a great birding experience. I recommend it for all nature and outdoor lovers, not only because the guides are so well-versed with the region and its bird-spotting locations, but also for the amazing hospitality Asian Adventures had arranged for us. The Nature's Nest where we were made to stay was so very well selected by this trip planner. I have earlier been to India for birding through a different operator in 2014. And I must stay Asian Adventures left me with memories of a lifetime.

Susan Roshelle,

Thank you for arranging the Pangot Sattal tour especially when we had to contact you at the last moment for a car when we had issues with our flight. My wife Geetha and I had a great time and we managed to spot many of our target birds in spite of this being summer season . Our guide Deepak was excellent and has great field knowledge and helped us spot many of our main target birds like long tailed broadbill , brown wood owl , laughing thrushes , Minlas, koklass pheasant , woodpeckers ( 4 of them ) , forktail etc . Deepak went to great lengths to find each and every bird possible as well as used his knowledge of calls to spot around 100 species . I would highly recommend him and would want to come back next time with your company and Deepak as guide ! Also wanted to thank Pavan our driver who is very professional and hardworking and was always helping . Thank you once again for your professional handling of my trips

Geetha and Vijay