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Western India Birding


Gujarat and Rajasthan – The westernmost state of India, Heritage monuments, glorious temples, beaches and world-renowned National Parks, Gujarat has it all. It’s long coastlines, mountain ranges and arid lands have given rise to diverse ecosystems and rich biological diversity.

Rajasthan literally meaning ‘The land of the kings’ is renowned for its royal heritage vibrant rich culture and luxurious hospitality

With India’s oldest mountain range as the backdrop, feast your eyes on spectacular sand dunes, soak in the traditional music and dances, enjoy the eclectic cuisine, take the tiger trail, or just watch the birds in the scrubland and wetlands.Due to its unique geographical location and habitat, Kutch region entices many Palearctic migratory birds in winter. The Kutch area supports around 370 bird species and is particularly rich in raptors, waterfowl, waders, and larks.

Our exciting Birding tours and Wildlife Safari Tours of Gujarat and Rajasthan explores the unique areas of Western India.

National Parks

  • Dasada in the Little Rann of Kutch.
  • Gir and Salvador National Parks.

Birding Reserves

  • NawaTalo,
  • Khijadoya Sanctuary
  • Lala Bustard Sanctuary.
  • JakhauMangove swamps,
  • Pingleshwar sea coast,
  • Chaduvaforests,
  • Mandvi,
  • RohaKotda,
  • Gadhsisa and
  • Poladia (a vulture site- Bhuj)


  • Rare Mammals of Western India
  • Asiatic Lions,
  • Indian Blackbuck
  • Asiatic Wild Ass
  • Great Indian Bustard,
  • Lesser Florican