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Upcoming Birding & Wild Life Tour 2017

Enjoy birding, bird photography of a large list of birds of the North Indian & western region. Drive across stunning landscapes, visit villages, photograph various species of birds and mammals of India. Stay in cosy eco friendly lodges, savor freshly prepared food. Take advantage of our experts guides and experienced drivers.
  • 15th to 29th January 2017 Birds and Wildlife of North India
  • 1st to 12th March 2017 Bird and Wildlife Tour of Gujarat

  • Hatha Yoga Retreat 2017

    Evolution Yoga Retreat’s Hatha Yoga programs are designed to cleanse and bring drastic transformation in your mental and physical system. The retreat aids you to be relieved from ailments, mental distress or stress issues, reduces ageing and weight. The retreat offers exciting activities, making it a complete Yoga Vacation.
    • January 25th to 29th Monsoon Forest Bandhavgarh.
    • February 22nd to 26th Gir Birding Lodge, Sasan, Gir.

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    • The Retreat highlights are
    • Hath Yoga Asanas
    • Cleansing of 5-elements
    • Meditation
    • Yogic Lore & Discourses
    • Wholesome Satvik Food Cooking Lessons
    • Yogic Lore & Discourses
    • Bonfires & Outdoor Experiences
    • Treks and Hikes around the jungle
    • Local village visits to experience the ancient wisdom of survival & spirituality

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