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Chestnut tail minla bird JUNGLE LORE a unit of Asian Adventures, offers a range of exciting bird watching tours throughout the Indian Sub-continent since 1994.

We have all Indian birding breaks designed for the serious birder as well as for the beginner.
Our Indian birding tours take into consideration the non-birding spouse, these breaks are mixed with spectacular scenery and vibrant culture.

Birding in India with us will get you the following:

- Value for your money
- Our tours are fully guided
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Birding in India has emerged as a serious vocation and we see thousands of bird lovers wandering in pursuit of winged species. The birds were always there in the nation but tracking them was never easy. Asian Adventures undertook this tough task and what came out after working relentlessly on birding for a good part of the decade was enthralling. Asian Adventures team carved out its place in this arena. The birds in North India are different from those you may find in other regions of the country. Jungle Lore Birding Lodge in Pangot, the first birding lodge in India, provides real birding flavour to the travellers of who many became serious bird watchers. The bird hide and the settings at the lodge bring a wide range of birds to its premises. Not only that, birds were identified, both permanent and migratory in the region, vital information about them was compiled and trails were identified. Moreover, the locals were involved several of who later became great birding guides. If you talk of Northern India, bird watchers also take up bird watching in tiger park , Corbett Tiger Reserve and they do not conclude their trips disappointed and we are highly involved there as well. It will be absolutely right to state that bird watching holidays in India have assumed a prominent place.

Asian Adventures replicated what the team was already doing in Northern India and became pioneers in guided birding tours in the western India as well. Bird watching in Gujarat has gained grounds in a big way in recent times and besides sighting Asiatic Lions and other wild animals, people travel to locate the birds which are rare to be found elsewhere. Gir Birding Lodge in Sasangir, Gujarat which was set-up by the company provides the best experience of birding to the bird lovers and enthusiasts, hence fulfilling its core objective.

The company remains concerned about the avifauna and has sponsored Oriental Bird Club with a vision to promote the interest in birds in India .
Asian Adventures feels contended as several other players have entered the foray and are emulating the footprints, however, the brigade at Asian Adventures has not fallen into state of complacency and is doing bigger and better things related to birding trips in India by adding the elements of responsibility and systems.