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Bird Trails of North India Tour

Northern India Birding Tour Itinerary
Places to Visit: Corbett National Park
Nainitial and Sat Tal
National Chambal Sanctuary Agra Bharatpur
Ranthambhor National Park
Sultanpur Lake and the Wetlands of Delhi
Best Time to Visit: October to April

Day 1 – Arrival at New Delhi

Guests will be met at Delhi International Airport and escorted to their hotel. On this day, guests are free to eat their own meals in their restaurants of choice and explore New Delhi before the birding tour officially starts the next day.Day 2 – Delhi to Corbett National Park
Meals Covered: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Travel Time: 6 to 8 hours
Overnight Stay: Main Tourist Complex, Dhikala
Guests will be escorted to Corbett National Park where some of the most amazing bird wildlife can be found. The last two hours of travel time is allotted to birding and wildlife viewing. Guests will be able to see some of the most common birds in India.


Day 3 – Dhikala Forest Lodge at Corbett National Park
Meals Covered: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Overnight Stay: Dhikala Forest Lodge
Still within the confines of Corbett National Park, guests will be treated to a full course meal even as the whole day is spent birding. Guides will take you on a trail of the grasslands and forested area of the National Park, following a jungle track along the Ramganga River. This is a popular spot for the following species:

  • Waders
  • Mergansers
  • Lapwings
  • Nightjar
  • Common Stonechat
  • Jungle Owlet
  • Black Francolin
  • Spot-Bellied Owl
  • Purple and Crimson Sunbird
  • Orange Bellied Leafbird
  • Black Shouldered Kite
  • Changeable Hawk Eagle
  • Hen Harrier
  • Chestnut Tailed Starling


Day 4 – Corbett National Park
Meals Covered: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Overnight Stay: Tiger Camp
An elephant safari will be enjoyed in the morning as guests are taken through the dense grasslands and forests. After the safari, guests will be taken back to the lodge for breakfast before visiting the waterhole. Lunch will be spent in the watch tower overlooking all the animals drawn to the water.
Dinner is at Tiger Camp after a few hours of driving. En route, guests will be able to spot the following birds:
*Puff throated Babbler
*White Rumped Shama
*Palla’s Fish Eagle


Day 5 – Corbett National Park
Meals Covered: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Overnight Stay: Tiger Camp
The morning will be spent with a walk through Kumeria. Afterwards, a bit of forest birding will be spent in Jhirna. Some of the bird species popular in the area include:

  • Black Bulbul
  • Brown Eared Bulbul
  • Brown Fish Owl
  • Little and Spotted Forktail
  • Yellow Belled and White Browed Fantail
  • Crested Laughing Thrush
  • Black Winged Cuckoo Shrike
  • Little Heron
  • Wallcreeper
  • Red Breasted Parakeet
  • Brown Dipper
  • Short Billed and Long Tailed Minivet
  • Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark


Day 6 – Corbett National Park to Pangot
Meals Covered: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Travel Time: 4 hours
Overnight Stay: Jungle Lore Birding Lodge
The day will start early with a trip to Corbett Falls, stopping along the way to view the Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark. The drive will continue towards Pangot where guests can enjoy the lunch provided by the tour team. A few hours will be spent getting settled in the lodge before afternoon birding continues in and around the area. Birds popular in the site are:

  • Scaly Breasted Woodpecker
  • Greater Yellownape Woodpecker
  • Speckled Piculet Woodpecker
  • Spotted and Oriental Turtle Doves
  • Slaty Headed Parakeets
  • Russet Sparrow
  • Grey Bushchat
  • Indian, Oriental, Large Hawk and Eurasian Cuckoo
  • Large Billed Crow
  • Grey Treepie
  • Maroon Oriole
  • Black Headed Jay
  • Large Cuckoo Shrike
  • White Tailed Nuthatches
  • Chestnut Bellied Nuthatches
  • Bar Tailed Treecreeper


Day 7 – Pangot
Meals Covered: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Overnight Stay: Jungle Lore Birding Lodge
Guests get settled in as they spend the whole day birding in nearby sites like Cheena Peak, Kilbury, and Timla Pani.

Day 8 – Pangot
Meals Covered: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Overnight Stay: Jungle Lore Birding Lodge
With numerous birds nearby, there’s no need to travel far in order to fully enjoy the different species of bird. A short distance away from the Jungle Lore Birding Lodge is Baggar and Gughu Khan where the following birds can be seen:

  • Crested Serpent Eagle
  • Mountain Hawk Eagle
  • Brown Fronted Woodpecker
  • Stripe Breasted Woodpecker
  • Rufous Bellied Woodpecker
  • Dark Throated Thrush
  • Mistle Thrush
  • Striated Prinia
  • Tickell’s Leaf Warbler<
  • Asian Brown Flycatcher
  • Rusty Tailed Flycatcher
  • Ultramarine Flycatcher
  • Verditer Flycatcher
  • Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher
  • Rufous Bellied Niltava Flycatcher
  • Orange Flanked Bush Robin
  • Blue Capped Redstart
  • Accentor
  • Upland Pipit
  • Blue Winged Minla
  • Whiskered Yuhina


Day 9 – Pangot to Sat Tal
Meals Covered: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Travel Time: 2 hours
Overnight Stay: Camp / Guest House
After breakfast, a leisurely ride to Sat Tall will commence which will cover only 2 hours in total. It might take longer though as we make stops along the way for more birding opportunities. The route will go through Cheena Peak Range, particularly through the Snow View Point and Kilbury. You can look forward to the following birds in the given area:

  • Lammergeier
  • Himalayan Griffon
  • Blue Winged Minla
  • Spotted & Slaty Backed Forktail
  • Rufous Bellied Woodpecker
  • Rufous Bellied Niltava
  • Khalij Pheasant

Other than birds however, you can also view a wide array of mammals known in the area. The site is home to more than 200 species of animals such as:

  • Leopard
  • Yellow Throated Himalayan Martin
  • Himalayan Palm Civet
  • Ghoral
  • Barking Deer
  • Sambhar
  • Red Fox


Day 10 – Sat Tal to Lal Kuan
Meals Covered: Breakfast
Travel Time: 9 to hours (two trips)
Overnight Stay: Sleeper Train, Air Conditioned
The whole day will be spent birding together with a guide. Guests are free to choose any food they want for lunch and dinner. You’ll be able to view the following species:

  • Red Breasted Accentor
  • Chestnut Headed Tesia
  • Greater & Lesser Yellow Naped Woodpecker
  • Blue Throated Barbet
  • Rufous Chinned Laughing Thrush
  • Black Bulbul
  • Dark Throated Thrush

At 1600 (4PM) hours, the group will gather for transfer to Lal Kuan which should take only 1 to 2 hours. Around 1900 (7PM), a connecting overnight train will be taken from Lal Kuan to Mathura at 1900 hours which should take 7 hours.
The night will be spent in an air-conditioned sleeper class train.


Day 11 – Mathura to National Chambal Sanctuary
Travel Time: 3 hours
Overnight Stay: Chambal Safari Lodge
Expected arrival at Mathura would be at 0430 hours (4:30AM) followed by an immediate transfer to Chambal. Upon arrival, guests can relax a little before boarding a cruise which will bring you close to flocks of migratory water fowls:

  • Indian Skimmer
  • Black Bellied Tern
  • Demoiselle
  • Sarus
  • Fish Eating Crocodile
  • Marsh Mugger
  • Gangetic Dolphin
  • Turtles


Day 12 – National Chambal Sanctuary – Agra – Bharatpur
Meals Covered: None
Overnight Stay: Hotel, Covered by Tour
Travel Time: 1 hour
Guests can now choose any meal they want with the tour covering only the room rates. The morning will be spent visiting the famous Taj Mahal followed by a trip to Bharatpur. The afternoon will be spent birding at the wetlands.

Day 13 and 14 – Bharatpur
Meals Covered: None
Overnight Stay: Hotel, Covered by Tour
Birding will commence at Keoladeo Ghana National Park. Guests will alternately go on foot or use cycle rickshaws for birding.

Day 15 – Bjaratpur to Ranthambhor National Park
Meals Covered: Dinner Only
Travel Time: 5 Hours
Overnight Stay: Resort
Most of the morning will be spent driving to Ranthambhor National Park with a short visit at Bnd Baretha for birding. In the afternoon, birding will continue at the National Park. In the resort, some of the birds you can see are:

  • Grey Francolin
  • Sirkeer Malkoha
  • Painted Sandgrouse
  • Indian Courser
  • Yellow Wattled Lapwing
  • Southern Grey Shrike
  • Isabelline Wheatear
  • Desert Wheatear
  • Variable Wheatear
  • Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark
  • Greater Short Toed Lark
  • Blue Rock Thrush
  • Common Buzzard


Day 16 – Ranthambhor National Park to New Delhi
Meals Covered: Breakfast and Lunch
Travel Time: 7 hours
The whole day will be spent tiger tracking at the National Park. Open trucks and jeeps will be used if available. Guests who want to visit the 1000-year old fort may skip the tiger tracking adventure. At 2100 hours, guests will be asked to get ready and board the train for New Delhi.


Day 17 – Delhi
Meals Covered: None
This is the last day of the tour as guests arrive on their starting point at around 0600 after spending the night in the train. A stop over at a hotel room will be made available for those who want to wash and change their clothes. Afterwards, the rest of the day is your own time as you decide to spend it for other activities or if your return flight is scheduled later the same day.


 Bird sightings depend greatly on season, timing, and patience.
 Sightings mentioned in the itinerary are only a guide and cannot    be    guaranteed.
 available to Shaheen Bagh
 Services and accommodation can be provided in Delhi as well.
 We can customise this tour. 
 Extensions to Harike, Gujarat and Rajasthan can be added to this tour.